Ford Motor Company 6R140 Expansion Project

November 2008

ICE has been selected to help aid in the addition and expansion of the current 5R110W Final Assembly Line at the Ford Sharonville Transmission Plant located in Sharonville, Ohio to incorporate a new 2009 6R140 model type to run simultaneously along with the 5R110 models utilizing the same assembly line.

ICE will be responsible for utilizing the new revised RFID tag memory map, which incorporates the new 6R140 model type for data handling, to program over 60 existing stations throughout the assembly line. Also included in ICE’s responsibilities will be various different upgrades made to existing stations to service both model types, as well as the addition of several new Auto and Manual Stations used primarily for 6R140 operation. Some of the additions to these stations include adding Cognex vision systems, Sony Probe gauges, Atlas Copco Power Macs & Power Focus DC nut runner tooling, and various verification processes all of which require electrical schematic revisions, PLC program changes, vision system development, and some HMI touch screen modifications.

This project was scheduled for all hardware and equipment to arrive in July 2008, with everything being completed by December 2008, and validation beginning in January of 2009. As a result of project delays, ICE will be heavily involved throughout the months of December and January in an attempt to get the project back on track in order to try to meet original production targets and scheduling.

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