ICE Box Material Handling Controls

ICE Box Material Handling ControlsThe ICE Box is a compact, self-contained, fully functional Controls System capable of controlling any Material Handling System. It can control Conveyors, Elevators, Starwheel Meters, Pump-ups, Pushers, Blenders, Diverters, Rollovers, and any combination of Meters or Escapements.

It comes shipped complete with Disconnect, Power Supply, PLC, Safety Relay, Message Display, and all the Pneumatics including Valves, Filter/Regulator, Easy on Soft Start, and all necessary fittings. Another great safety related feature is the fact that both the electrical disconnect and the Air Shut-off come complete with Lockout capability. All of this is self-contained in one or two, depending on the application, compact enclosures.

In any System requiring 480VAC Motor Control, a secondary enclosure will be required along with the ICE Box. This enclosure has conveniently been named the ICE Cube. It includes a 480VAC Disconnect, Transformer, Remote I/O rack with 16 Inputs & 16 Outputs, Motor Starters, a Stacklight, and all the Pushbuttons necessary for operation.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to the ICE Box Material Handling System is the fact that it is a Plug and Play system. There is little work necessary to install the piece of equipment and have it come up fully functional upon installation. All that the system requires is that power be supplied to the disconnect, a main air supply be connected to the soft start along with the plumbing of the meters, blenders, pushers, etc., and the necessary field switches be plugged in. Upon completion of these tasks, your Material Handling System could come up running and be fully operational within the hour. All of this together makes for a fairly easy install, but also makes it readily transferable to another application, which is another great aspect of the ICE Box.