ICE Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

November 2011

ICE celebrated its 25th Anniversary during the annual Christmas open house. ICE was host to many of the clients that they have served so well over the past 25 years. ICE was built on a reputation of delivering a quality product on time the first time. Thanks to this reputation, the company has maintained their original core group of clients for a quarter of a century. Earl Whitsel, President, said “It’s hard for me to believe that 25 years can go by so fast. It seems like yesterday when ICE opened with the vision to provide complete controls solutions for the OEM and End Users with a fixed firm price and operated out of a small shop in Lebanon.”

Now jobs are performed out of a 10,000 square foot building, sitting on 5 acres of land poised for the expansion that Earl expects to occur over the next two years. Earl, along with his employees, entertained their guests with demonstrations of the products that ICE has developed. The ICE BOX, ICE Pick, ICE RFID and ICE Station were all on display for visitors to see, touch and operate. Food, fun and laughter was plentiful as many of ICE’s clients and vendors walked down memory lane with Earl.

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