Main Carousel Upgrade & Expansion Project

January 2008

ICE has been selected to help with the addition and expansion of the current TKF Conveyor Assembly at the Behr Dayton Thermal Plant located in Dayton, Ohio to allow for the high speed production of the GM lambda 561 Engine Cooling Module Assembly.  Working together with Puritan Automation of Wixom, Michigan, ICE will be responsible for providing a new controls package for the Main Carousel, as well as, a separate stand alone station which will press the isolators onto the radiators prior to being loaded onto the carousel.  ICE is providing a complete turnkey controls solution which will include the design of the electrical and pneumatic schematics, panel fabrication per customer specifications and regulations, the interface of all corresponding equipment, HMI touchscreen development, plc programming necessary to bring it all together, and onsite start-up / debug support to complete equipment runoff.

Although the Main Carousel is an all manual operation consisting of seven individual workstations throughout, it will not lack in the sophistication department.  The Main Carousel will come equipped with (14) read / write RFID antennas, (4) fixed barcode readers with corresponding back-up handheld scanners, (7) vision inspection systems, (2) torque gun systems, and (7) remote field I/O blocks all of which will be communicating via TCP/IP Ethernet protocol.  ICE is also responsible for the complete changeover of the existing conveyor assembly, mounting of all new hardware & equipment, and all electrical wiring associated with field installation.  This project is scheduled for all field changeovers to occur in March with all hardware & equipment being delivered by the end of April which would set us up for start-up and debug occurring towards the end of May. The project is targeted for everything to be completed by June with validation and final runoff beginning towards the middle of the month.

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