A New Direction

November 2006

 After the addition of the Board of Advisors in 2006, ICE made the decision to begin undergoing controlled growth to expand beyond its current capacity and start focusing on Strategic Planning to carry it into the future. ICE has never had a sales force or done any type of marketing in its 20 year history. It has relied solely on its rock-solid reputation of providing quality industrial controls services, and a customer base that actively promotes ICE’s services to their suppliers or end users.

ICE is currently in the process of strengthening the foundation of the company from the ground up by building upon its current workforce in preparation for upcoming growth and expansion, while putting into effect the strategic plan which has been developed to take it there. This includes adding new employees to bolster its workforce, providing further training to its current employees to expand upon their expertise, and working to generate new customers by providing marketing materials such as pamphlets and brochures until such time that a Sales/Marketing person is put into place. ICE has already seen an increase in contacts being made, the amount of quotes being submitted, and total projects being awarded in just the short amount of time since the implementation of its strategic plan.
The next several years should be a very exciting time for ICE as it continues to grow and build upon its current operations in order to meet the company’s vision statement which is:

“To achieve and maintain a reputation as the leader in industrial controls design and support through quality design, products and services.”

This goal is clearly on its way to being achieved, as indicated by ICE’s exemplary performance on this years ISO audit where there were no CAR’s, PAR’s or OFI’s issued. Read what else the auditor had to say about ICE on the Testimonials page.

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