Vought Aircraft Shot Peen Project

March 2008

Working in conjunction with Plan-It Material Handling of Cincinnati, Ohio and Pangborn Corporation of Hagerstown, Maryland, ICE was selected as the system integrator for developing the controls package to operate an overhead closed loop servo hoist system used for carrying aircraft wings through a Shot Peen surface preparation machine.  Ultimately through the collaboration of all three parties involved, the equipment was brought together and installed at the Vought Aircraft Industries Nashville, Tennessee location where it will be used on various wing and tail sections for a variety of different aircraft.

ICE was solely responsible for the Servo Hoist itself which included the electrical design, panel fabrication, and programming for the closed loop servo system.  The servo controls were made up of an Allen-Bradley Ultra3000 high voltage drive and a 3-Axis Sercos interface servo module all for use with the ControLogix platform.  The system as a whole was designed to be completely “Plug & Play” so that it would interface effortlessly with the Shot Peen machine by merely supplying power, connecting the E-stop interlocks, running the necessary Sercos fiber-optic cables for communication, and dropping the pre-written subroutines into RSLogix 5000 to handle all of the servo controls interface.  ICE developed both the Servo and PLC programs with the ability to start and/or stop the Shot Peening process at any given point throughout the cycle.  This flexibility allows the operator to be able to back-up or advance the hoist at will, as well as, re-enter the Shot Peening process at the point where it was previously interrupted.  These controls were also developed to allow for the monitoring of the feed-through speed of the wing to assure that the metal is not stressed anymore than is deemed allowable.  

This project shipped from the ICE facility in early September and required very little support during the installation and start-up of the equipment as a whole.  In fact, we have not had to make one single trip down to Nashville because the integration and installation came together so smoothly.  This serves as a testament to what we strive to obtain on each and every project that passes through our doors here at ICE.  Our objective and goal is to provide seamless controls integration and top-quality industrial controls solutions whether it be directly through us, our OEM’s, or the end-users themselves.

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